🎵 Лучшая Музыка для Тренировок Mix 2021 🔥 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация Музыка 💪

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🎵 Лучшая Музыка для Тренировок Mix 2021 🔥 Тренажерный Зал Тренировки Мотивация Музыка 💪. Топ нокауты,поезд,музыка на жесткий упражнения,музыка для фитнеса,прикольно,конор против хабиба,жестокие нокауты,лучшие бойцы мма,федор емельяненко,следующий бой конора макгрегора,жесть,музыка для тренировки,топ 5,лучшая музыка для осуществления,видео,транс,топ 10,нокауты 2020,музыка для кардио,конор макгрегор,боец ufc,скотт эдкинс в качалке,что послушать,хабиб нурмагомедов,нокаут,музыка для осуществления в домашних условиях.

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We are yes hello slowly i can marry a thousand is that's how it.

Is oh oh hello over the edge she spent all my life fearless? The story's over now i must conclude i am conflicted watching where i slept still hanging.

In the violence not the life i want to live. I want to take it all standing tall fear spent all my life fearless with do do bye so oh um it stranded in the open dried.

Out tears of all sorrow motion staring down the barrel waiting for the final gauge my me this so jack it up is with oh which. Is with whip hmm you're never gonna make it you're not good enough there's a million other. People with the same stuff you really think you're different man you must be kidding.

Think you're gonna hit it but you just don't get. It it's impossible it's not probable you're! Responsible too many obstacles you got to stop it yo you gotta take it slow you can't be a pro don't:

Топ нокауты

Waste your time no more who the. Fuck are you to tell me what to do i don't give a damn if you say you disapprove: I'm gonna make my move i'm gonna make it soon and i'll do it cause it's what i wanna fucking.

Do cause all these opinions and all these positions they come in in millions?

They blocking your vision but no you can't listen that shit is all fiction cause.

You hold the power as long as you're dreaming there's no way that you make it maybe are you just gonna! Take that oh will you fucking fight back fucking fight you ain't gonna make it you ain't never ever gonna break it you! Can never beat em and they're better than you face it thinking that they're giving.

Them you're not like a stray kid no they don't give a damn you got what. I'm saying i'm not fucking playing i'll keep it to you straight man there's too many others?


And you're not that great man stop what you saying stop what you're making everybody!

Here knows that you just freaked out i don't wanna hear:

It anymore i don't wanna hear it anymore all these fucking thoughts they are not what i need anymore i'm about to shut the motherfucking door. On all you poor ass haters with your hands in the clouds talking out loud. So proud you better shoot your goddamn mouth but you're never gonna make it are you just gonna take that.

Make them take it all back don't?

Tell me you believe that are you just gonna take that oh will you fucking fight back track so yeah i just wanna: Be the greatest everybody knows my name shit i might have. This whole fucking game list spitting with the same wit and i'm gonna be famous ain't nobody:

Музыка на жесткий упражнения

Able to delay this coming up i had a vision to make it never wanted. To be nothing always wanted to play shit in class always wondering why i will explain! Shit how the hell am i different if we all know the same shit i never let them down.

Me it's about me keep my head down let my mouth speak they surround me they all about the clout. See where the crowd beat every time i speak loudly they more about me men you know i got a bounty on these lousy ass haters. That surround me so they doubt me they don't know nothing about me still their mouths free i'ma change that soon better and i'm not playing any more.

Games either put me on the chart so i'll put you up in flames better recognize guard cause i don't forget names should have seen me from the. Start coming at you like a train think i'm about to fall apart every single fucking day seeing all these damn stars with. My well-deserved fame and i spit these gold bars while they spitting out shit man i give this.

Shit hard but it gives me back pain i wanna be a spectacle: They skeptical but man i got the chemical exceptional i do it all intentional professional. So i can make a decimal incredible i'm not thinking.

Man they're saying that i've gone insane i'm not ever gonna make it cause the game has changed i'm not good enough. Man no that's not okay tell me that shit again and i'll stop and i just wanna now wake up you got some shit to. Do it's 6 a.m i don't care.

Музыка для фитнеса

You got some shit to prove cause right. Now you ain't got nothing that big to lose so get your raps to work and don't you dare hit soon:

Can't stop this i'm obnoxious and i'm honest and novice with promise made monstrous.

Unconscious but i'm not just think i've lost it i've got it spitting all this still. I'm not and i've got this i will not quit man i'm all in balling on a budget man i'm stalling crawling.

Cause i'm nothing but i'm all in calling i'll be something. Yeah i'ma get it now you can leave if you don't like it say it out loud you believe it you can. Bite these keep my head down and i keep on going.

Timeless make it somehow i believe it when i write this man i just wanna be famous shit warriors: Are brown don't get caught in the mosh. Pit with your fuel to the fire ain't nobody can stop it with.


Your i'm not afraid of getting physical all these different chemicals are fucking up my visuals never you don't wanna follow me lexus. I'm not a fan of rules if i lose do luxury. Uh uh stranded in the open dried out tears of sorrow lacking all emotions staring down the barrel waiting for the final gates following.

The light that says uh wow everybody yeah i should be on center stage yeah popping off like i should.

Pay yeah every show is so insane i'm deep. In the game y'all killing these beasts like i'm dre oh little losey gucci mane oh got cardi. B in the pain oh man i don't got no restraints oh i'm preaching shit like?

A saint i'm sick of hearing complaints. Yeah if you want something like fame yeah? Then go do something back off get them in the.

Headlock now i'm seeing a red dog i just want to get left for a minute. Hit them chat for a minute go all out to my limits get a neck get it did. You just sold out every ticket no drive man i swim and i'll drown when i'm in it because:

Конор против хабиба

I'm found ever vision b on a mission so you better listen imma end up winning every game: Every inning every word then i'm spinning finally got em all living every dream every! Image they can see it now and get it this is just the.

Beginning trust me a minute i can show you the ticket if you wanna. Then go get it take a swing yeah i hit it that's right don't.

Forget it always when it never quits oh i got them coming at me all the angles ever since they. Heard my music wanna tangle i could feel them try to grab me by the ankles i can hear em all start: To say my name mo but it's not about the money or the faint no no it's all about me just doing.

My thing yo cause i'm loving what i do and i won't change no i feel blessed.

I could do this every day yo pop pop pop a couple? Shots and now i'm fucked up in the bathroom got em going off and now they listen like a classroom!

Жестокие нокауты

Got a chance to do it right so do your thing.

Yo don't let anybody ever try to change ya i feel blessed yeah yeah i feel blessed yeah: I feel blessed yeah yeah i feel i feel blessed yeah my god i'm coming.

At me all angles ever since they heard my music.

Wanna tangle i can feel them try to grab me by the ankles i can hear em all start to say my name mo but?

It's not about the money or the fame no no it's all about me just doing my thing yo cause?

Лучшие бойцы мма

I'm loving what i do and i won't change no i feel blessed. I could do this every day you yeah i feel blessed i feel blessed yeah yeah i feel so is life tick tick tick tick tick: Tick tick this so foreign hey always do it on my own so i gotta get through!

It and the only thing i know is to love what i'm doing. Never give up never slow till i finally:

Prove it never listen to the nose i just wanna? Keep moving keep my head and the only thing i know is to love what i'm doing never give up never slow till i finally prove it never.

Listen to the nose i just wanna keep moving everything i'm stable like till i finally. Prove it never yeah everything i do i'm just being genuine yeah i'm sick of being smooth feel my own adrenaline. Yeah i do just what i do and oh tell me what i'm feeling i'm high above the ceiling tell me what i'm feeling.

Tell me why my body flows past the sky i'm watching clouds. Upside down upside down with me upside down show me that you're. Feeling upside down me upside down me down one three.

Федор е

Five so one three five so so me one three.

Five so oh i know so oh me my so god pick your poison tell me what you wanna feel i'm destroying everything. You thought was really but i'll be right!

Here i'm oh hey and i'll be here to help you start please there's so much i can't control you so thirst. That i wanna be better not worse man it hurts i'm on this earth with my words and i put them all together insert. Cause i wanna have worth working really hard till they put me in the dirt.

Gonna go far man listen to my words gonna be a star man life's ain't nobody able to catch me they're.

Gasping they cannot compare they can't match me i'm at a speed i got your girlfriend: Lavishly of my hand i got a plan i'm the man now i'm teaching the game a veteran better than anybody else you test me i'm ready!

Looking in my hand and it's steady i'm trending ascending and blending?

Lyrical bending now i'm spreading and getting my name i'm cold one day i'll! Have what i want in life done uh what uh so uh stranded in the open.

Dried out tears of sorrow moving with the motion the lines me help. Jack it up you so check it out so while?

You and me repeat this bittersweet heat is suffocating. Waiting and always hesitating gripping my desires set my heart of fire set my heart with crimson secrets and forbidden!

Bliss can't stay still don't stop that fails this bittersweet heat is suffocating waiting and always hesitating kryptonite desires! Set my heart of fire i set my heart up is foreign. So so do so so so cut through me hypnotized by the zones i'm breathing in hold on dripping lights paint the skies can make come me stop!

Inside yeah paint the skies me you make me me this is not a test this the is of the annual purge sanctioned. By the us government weapons of class 4 and lower.

Have been authorized for use during the purge all other weapons are restricted.

Government officials of ranking 10 have been granted immunity from the purge and shall not be harmed: Commencing at the siren any and all crime including murder.

Will be legal for 12 continuous hours police fire and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow?

Morning at 7 00 am when the purge concludes blessed be our new founding. Fathers commencing at the siren any and all crime including. Murder will be legal for 12 continuous hours police fire and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning?

At 7 00 am when the purge concludes blessed be our new founding fathers may god be with you all you?

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