Верь в себяМотивация (2019)

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Видео про то как начать работать в свои 15 лет....

Текстовая версия

You have one shot on stage which you got to play you to never drops? Four days till the people range and my god insane can you stop and explain why these drops.


So famous money buy a new fucking door killing it with this song you may discontinue long go back where you belong yeah. There's nothing wrong with giving it up moving on decide to choke out a bronzy!

Get up and sing this song till the lights go out to my legs give out can't shut my mouth till the smoke clears! Out and my heart Congrats I'm with this shit to my bones to that - the lights?

Дима гордей

Go out to my legs get out he's. Shut my mouth - the smokers out Emma ha ha phones collapse on I'm so gone fading up the dirty. Rat she's so gone like a light switch turning?

Back there's nothing wrong with the way she's working that I just want that. Body bad come on baby bring it back I'm. So gone there's nothing to the lights go to my legs keep shut my mouth - the smoke clears out.

Все тв

And my heart rip this shit to my bones to last comes.

Up to the night's go out to my legs give out can't shut. My mouth through the smoke clears out and phones connect.

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